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Skin Treatments

Clinical skin treatments in a luxury experience

 All of the Beauty Pro’s treatments begin with  the Beauty Pro Essential Facial Treatment complete with double cleanse, in depth skin analysis, exfoliation, a beautiful mask and finishing products and build from there. The BP Essential Treatment in and of itself is also completely customizable to address your specific concerns and skin conditions with targeted products, cutting-edge technology and serums for your skin’s real-time condition.

Treatment Pricing

We have many more skin treatments and boosters available than are listed here. If you’re looking for something specific and you don’t see it , just give us a call.


Skin Treatments


Consists of all elements of the Essential Facial treatment including a deep, double cleanse, toner, thorough skin analysis and a professional exfoliation.Additionally light extractions are performed to unclog pores, High Frequency therapy to kill Acne bacteria, followed by a 10 minute face, neck and shoulder massage to increase circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Finalizing the experience with a potent serum, customized mask and face and eye cream and last but never least, a complete sunblock


per treatment

Acne is normally a result of a hormone imbalance. The milder grades of acne however can often be treated topically. Every pimple begins with a clogged hair follicle (pore). It is our goal to make sure that your skin is free from congestion to help prevent acne from developing and clear up existing skin congestion.

Consists of all elements of the Essential Facial Treatment. Also, **10 minutes of gentle extractions with the ultrasonic spatula are performed to remove pore-clogging sebum, High Frequency (targets acne causing bacteria), followed by 2 targeted acne-specific boosters. This along with corrective home care is a power-house treatment!

Choose from: LED, *light Peel (dependent on skin analysis), or additional 10 minutes of extractions.

**Specialty Tough Acne Treatment  $165

**If you require more than 10 mins of extractions we can add that service to your treatment

*Additional boosters that compliment this skin treatment can also be added. See ‘result-enhancing boosters’ page.

**Highly Recommended for treating acne and acne scarring is the FCR Treatment


per treatment

Skin ages as a result of hormones (biological aging) as well as the sun, gravity and other extrinsic elements (environmental aging). The appearance of aging skin is connected to its decreasing levels of collagen and elastin that affects the skin’s tone, texture and tightness. Although we cannot stop the hands of time we can slow them down.

With a healthy diet, supplements, exercise, avoiding excessive sun light and taking advantage of great at- home skin care and effective in-clinic skin treatments, you can have great skin for a life time.

Consists of the Essential Facial Treatment plus 2 anti-aging specific ‘booster’ treatments to be determined after skin analysis.

Choose from: LED, premium ultrasonically infused DNA repair serum, SkinPro RF Tone and Tighten or a specialty anti-aging mask.

*Additional boosters that compliment this skin treatment can also be added.See ‘result-enhancing boosters’ page.

* SkinPro Infusion with a potent, active Peptide, Stem Cell or ground-breaking’ Flavo-C Ultraglican’ Ampoule  along with a Premium Casmara Algae mask is highly recommended to further enhance results of this skin treatment (additional cost).


per treatment

Hyperpigmentation is brown spots on the skin. There are several different types of brown spots that can appear on the skin and utilizing our innovative boosting modalities and innovative 3 Tiered approach the pigmented areas can be treated quite effectively and efficiently with time.

Sun spots are caused by years of sun exposure and they can become darker and worse over time. Of course using a sun block is the best preventative. However, once the spots are created the best skin care treatment is early and consistent treatment. I approach the condition comprehensively – on the surface, from within and with effective home care. The spots will not go away on their own without correct help. These boosters will slow down the production of pigmentation in the skin and lighten the hyper pigmented areas.

Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation
This type of brown spot is caused by acne and other skin inflammation. This is actually a type of scarring that often goes away on its own with time but our effective boosters can speed up the process greatly and leave you with a fresh clear complexion faster.

Melasma is one of the most prominent skin problems in the world and can be triggered by a change in hormones (pregnancy, hormone replacement or birth control). It’s most common cause is sun exposure and hormones. Those with very hyper-sensitive melanocytes anything causing irritation can trigger the production of extra melanin (including heat, cosmetics and facial products).

Consists of the Essential Facial Treatment plus a premium lightening mask, plus 2 anti-hyper-pigmentation boosters: Choose from: LED, Ultrasonically-infused lightening serum, SkinPro electroporation therapy or premium brightening mask.

*Additional boosters that compliment this skin treatment can also be added. See ‘result-enhancing boosters’ page.


per treatment

-Featuring the NanoSkin Pro-

This cutting-edge skin treatment modality delivers it ALL!!

*Deep Cleanse with Ionization  
*Nutrient Penetration
*Muscle Toning/Lift
*Skin firming
*Skin tightening
*Pore Tightening

The SkinPro Nanocurrent delivers a gentle but direct bio-identical electrical current into the tissue at different frequencies. This current actually communicates with skin cells to enhance the production of collagen and elastin, eliminating free-radicals, and boosting ATP levels. The results…tighter, firmer, brighter skin with improved texture.

Consists of the BP Essential Facial treatment PLUS a double exfoliation, all the modalities listed above AND THE Ultimate Rejuvenating Peptide Mask – an effective toning and lifting premium peptide elixir. 

*Additional boosters that compliment this skin care treatment can also be added. See ‘result-enhancing boosters’ page.


per treatment


FOX Peel is a HIGHLY ADVANCED skin correcting treatment that delivers AMAZING results!!    

This is THE TOP Facial Treatment in Korea’s High-End Med-Spas!!!  

Get the RESULTS of an invasive treatment but without the pain and down time!!

This premium skin healing treatment improves and effectively treats hyper-pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, sun damage, large pores, wrinkles and sagging or textured skin. It restores your skin to a healthier, hydrated, clear, glowing and more youthful state.

It combines a high dose of natural antioxidant from polyphenols, oxygen therapy and a very high dose of vitamin C. It adopts the breakthrough Zwitterion System that allows all the active ingredients to permeate deeply into the skin and reach 98% absorption rate rather than sitting on the surface, thereby  causing less surface irritation. This highly advanced formulation boosts the efficacy of the FOX Peel Treatment while offering a premium and comfortable treatment without too much stimulation to the skin.

This transformational treatment consists of:
A purifying double cleanse, skin balancing toner, an in-depth skin analysis followed by the application of a customized enzyme exfoliator with gentle steam and a skin clarifying mist. Next, a brush application of a targeted FOX C peel solution along with a refreshing oxygen boost followed by a PH balancing toner. A custom premium mask is gently applied while you enjoy a relaxing 10 minute neck, shoulders and decolette massage, This treatment concludes with an ultrasonic infusion of premium growth factors, peptides or corrective serums, followed by a luxurious moisturizer and sun protection.

Recommendation: Series of 2-4 treatments performed every other week or until desired result is achieved.


per treatment

Microcurrent otherwise known as the “Non-Surgical Face-lift” is known to be THE most effective non-invasive method to take years off your face!

Introducing the Innovative Ultralift Micro-Current by Diamond International. This technology is LIGHTYEARS  ahead of all others taking the efficacy of micro-current to a whole new level translating to phenomenal results!!! 

Unique Quadrifunctional Technology

  • microlifting
  • microhydration
  • microtoning

What is it?
Microcurrent is one of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry for facial contouring, toning and firming of aging skin. Microcurrent lifts, sculpts and tightens, provides immediate results with no downtime.

Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body‘s own natural electrical currents, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits, and re-educate the muscles of the face. Because it works sub-sensory it is soothing and many clients fall asleep during their treatments.

Results are instant!!! After your 1st treatment you will have a firmer, smoother, glowing, more uplifted you. Your skin will appear tightened and hydrated. Your jawline will be more defined, your cheekbones more pronounced, and your eyes will look younger and refreshed.

Microcurrent has been proven to provide the following:

  • 500% increase in cellular energy (ATP) leading to increased muscular tone
  • 14% increase in 20 days in natural collagen production increasing hydration and fullness
  • 48% increase in 20 days in natural elastin production
  • 39% increase in 20 days in blood circulation

Consists of all elements of the Essential Facial Treatment plus microcurrent therapy, a premium treatment mask, highest-grade peptide serum infusion followed with an anti-aging, cellular regenerating LED session

*Additional boosters that compliment this skin care treatment can also be added. See ‘result-enhancing boosters’ page.

Highly Recommended: For best long-term results it is highly advisable to complete a series of treatments followed by a maintenance schedule.


per treatment


The Holy Grail of Korean Skincare
*This is a non-invasive fractional resurfacing treatment for skin rejuvenation.

FCR is a skin regeneration and accelerating system that provides outstanding results in the treatment of acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and texture, elasticity and wrinkles while improving skin texture and tone by promoting blood circulation and cell division with natural active properties of fractionated coral calcium spicules and botanical extracts. This advanced skin care regimen was established after 10 years of extensive research and clinical studies.

This is an alternative to fractionated laser treatments. It gives and delivers post laser treatment results through its unique methodology without the application of a fractional CO2 laser that physicians routinely use in their practices.

Unlike traditional laser treatments, FCR poses no risk for PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). Also there is minimal downtime and very mild discomfort. Patients can continue their normal daily activities. Most importantly, this treatment is suitable for all skin types


  1. FCR is applied through a simple rubbing or tapping technique
  2. Mineral rich coral calcium spicules reach into the stratum basal layer and stimulate blood circulation
  3. Through blood circulation, nutrition and oxygen flow are increased
  4. Collagen and elastin synthesis along with cell division are promoted
  5. Dead skin cells are exfoliated
  6. Within a week, patients are able to achieve noticeably improved skin
  7. FCR treatment is specifically formulated with 200 micron meter fractional coral spicules of mineral rich coral calcium that penetrate deep into both the dermal and epidermal layers. It activates the cell regeneration cycle stimulating collagen and elastin remodeling and regeneration of fibroblasts
  8. Unlike typical laser treatments, FCR poses no risk for PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). There is minimal downtime and very mild discomfort, if any. Patients can continue their normal daily activities. Most importantly, this treatment is suitable for all skin types
Consists of a purifying double cleanse , a hydrating PH balancing toner followed by the Fractional Cellular Regeneration Treatment.
*Please note: Must comply with prescribed pre and post home-care.


per treatment



The Omega Hydro Peel II Dermal Infusion eliminates time gaps between exfoliation and serum application with an exclusive simultaneous infusion technology.

By infusing the skin with serums at the moment of exfoliation, skin experiences maximum penetration of active ingredients at optimal skin depths, and enhanced serum absorption and retention receptivity at a deeper level.
Because of the Omega Hydro Peel II Dermal infusion’s distinctive simultaneous technology, plumpness, volume, hydration, tone, and texture are optimized.

The key to the Omega Hydro Peel II dermal infusion technology lies in its line of specifically formulated, professional strength Pro-Infusion serums. Each serum is the product of advanced research in skin care science and is designed to address a specific skin condition.
Pro-Infusion serums target specific skin concerns:
Anti-aging: fine lines & wrinkles, sallow skin
Hyperpigmentation: dark spots, sun damage, PIH
Dry and dehydrated skin
Oily-prone skin
Rough skin texture

Volumes Skin by 70%
Improves Radiance; Refreshes and Revives
Visibly Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Targets Skin Concerns and Optimizes Results
Gives a Lasting Youthful Boost
Stimulates Healthy Cell Renewal

Remember, the Omega Hydro Peel II takes the place of microdermabrasion but is totally safe for clients with rosacea, eczema, and sensitive skin.

  • Result enhancing booster: an LED (light emitting diode) Rejuvenation Treatment. Boosts ATP production that stimulates the fibroblasts to make more collagen and elastin. Brings this treatment to the next level in rejuvenation!!


The Ultimate Eye Corrector.

Recommended for peri-orbital photo-aging, under-eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles and skin laxity

Are you looking for under-eye improvement? Have you tried everything?!

This specialty treatment is specifically formulated to treat the delicate eye area. The active ingredient combination will help repair, brighten and revitalize the peri-ocular area. The two-step system helps to exfoliate and rejuvenate the orbital area without causing downtime. Protein synthesis is stimulated in the dermis to produce an increase of the extracellular matrix, providing increased elasticity and overall firmnes


series of 5 treatments

Advanced Opti-Resurfacing Treatment:

Let Celtic mineral salts (over 82 minerals plus trace minerals) and a variety of nourishing ingredients feed your skin at the deepest level while a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients cause changes in your skin as all the dead skin falls off!! Benefits include lifting pigmentation, removing dead skin cells, increasing cellular turnover, boosting hydration levels all leaving you feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom and glowing-for-it!

Enjoy a double cleanse, triple exfoliation, nano-needling infusion, opti-resurfacing treatment, LED light therapy, manual exfoliation, O2 Mask with repair serum, peptide serum, eye treatment, moisturizer, sunscreen and GLOW!

No Down-Time



Rewind Father Time with significantly increased elasticity, volume and lifting!!! Powerful tightening effect improves sagging wrinkled skin!!

V-line Gold Therapy works against the forces of gravity. As we age our faces become ‘square’ around the jawline as the loss of collagen, elastin, fat and skin laxity cause everything to begin slipping downward. One treatment will have you saying bye bye square line, hello V-line !!!

What this Luxury Advanced Treatment does: Significantly improves Elasticity & Volume to Skin! 24k Gold Lift is a fantastic combination of PDO & Colloidal Gold! 

PDO Thread Collagen components are absorbed slowly, maximizing the lifting effect, improving firming, lifting & volume to your complexion!



The Oxyjet Elixir Treatment supplies oxygen & nutrients for fresh healthy happy skin cells.

What this Ingenious Treatment does:

  • Remove excess oil and dead cells
  • Detoxifies
  • Stimulates fiber cells
  • Prevents melanin production
  • Prevents and helps reverse aging
  • Boosts hydration and brightening of the skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful look
  • Relieves skin of toxins and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Removes excessive oil, shrinks the size of pores, and increases skin firmness
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural moisturizing factor
  • Inhibits melanin production.



Discover The New Innovation From Korea for Visibly Rejuvenated Skin!

This break-through treatment Infuses the skin with Crystal Needles from plants, creating micro-channels that stimulate fibroblasts. The needle like ingredients create channels to infuse the skin with customized concentrates that put your skin on the ‘results’ fast track with very little to no down-time! This treatment is customizable for every type of skin and is loaded with the most advanced technology today!

This treatment may include:

  • Double Steam Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Hydro Peel Vacuum
  • Liquid Micro Needling
  • Custom Concentrate Infusions (stem cells, brightening and more)
  • Calming Mask
  • Finishing Skincare

*A weekly series may be recommended.


A complete medical aesthetic solution, treating a range of common skin conditions – including aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, pore refinement and acne scars. 

Utilizing diamond tip technology it gently sloughs off dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production and rejuvenation to improve the overall quality and appearance of your skin. You can expect an improvement in tone, texture and health of your skin.

Series Recommended



Additional skin Treatments are available for specific conditions. Contact us to discuss your options.