Achievement unlocked: glowing skin thanks to lovely skincare guru Francine Panelli. Highly recommended for a relaxing and effective facial treatment! Francine really knows her stuff and I found my facial to be full of educational moments. She really takes care of your skin and highlights the important ingredients to look for in skincare! I already booked my next appointment with her because my face deserves the best.

Selena R.

Francine is truly the most knowledgeable and passionate esthetician around. Her background in the sciences, passion for healthy skin, and desire for confident clients shines in her approach. My experience was nothing short of amazing. She took the time to get to know me, my skin, and explain the science behind my skin and skincare based on her research and in-depth education. What I loved most about my facial experience was her attentiveness to my needs and commitment to finding solutions to all my concerns. She not only is incredibly intelligent, which immediately makes you trust her. She welcomes you in with such kindness and really helps you feel comfortable no matter what condition your skin is in. I am proud to say I have found my go-to gal. Francine is qualified and capable of transforming your skin and helping you feel and look the best version of yourself.

Monica W.

Recommended for clients with ACNE!! Francine did an amazing job transforming my skin. I experience hormonal acne along my jawline, deep cystic acne on the cheeks and loads of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Francine is very knowledgable about treating acne, she's vocal about what procedure she'll perform and WHY the procedure helps the skin. Each time we meet, my skin is improving so much! There are less papules and pustules, the texture of my skin is a lot smoother and best of all, my skin is glowing like I've never seen...

Steve A.

To put it simply... Francine is the Best of the Best! After 4 months that began with a facial and analysis of my skin Francine has helped me look and feel my very best! Her knowledge of clinical skin treatments, technology and products is tremendous! I also like how she educates you on why she chose the skin treatment she is giving you... I'm thrilled that Francine has become a big part in treating and educating me to having healthier skin!

Claudia M

OMG!! Huge difference!! I am alive and my skin glows. Yes my skin just feels young!! Especially without foundation and no photoshopping done!! Love the serum. I can feel the difference. I love my skin now and just feel so confident thanks to your guidance and advice!

Margaret B

I was here today and it was a beautiful, relaxing, wonderful experience. I am the type of person that can be stressed even while getting a facial - and I was relaxed and trusting and that is really saying something!! I had not a care in the world while Francine Panelli worked her magic in me!! We had steam, cream, a creamy mask, warm steamy towels, and face and shoulder massage with the gentleness of a butterfly and the most glorious scents - and don't worry - if no scents is your thing, you have a choice - also I was asked about allergies and so I was confident that I was in good hands!! Literally! I finally feel like my skin is cared for - can't wait to come back to Francine again - and again... Union Street has a wonderful new addition!!! A Gem.

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